Putting Yorkshire in the frame

A great idea by Ashley Jackson @AJacksonArtist see #puttingyorkshireintheframe Where do you begin? Yorkshire has so many gob-smacking viewpoints and each dale has its own distinctive feel. How about some recognition for the minor dales like the three here… views down Silverdale, above Garsdale and from Kingsdale over Dentdale.




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  1. An absolutely cracking idea – well done Ashley. I’m looking forward to the chance to see a view through one of these proposed sculptures. Yorkshire and, indeed, many places in the British Isles) have stunning, beautiful, majestic or even haunting views – which can be a bit overwhelming. How good to have a ‘frame’ to draw the eyes into a smaller defined area so that one can ponder on the finer details and mood of a view. Again, it’s a first class idea.

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