The badge of a Yorkshireman

Came across this old poem called A Yorkshireman which I rather liked. Don’t know who it is by so I can’t credit it… no copyright infringement intended.

With a nod of the head, or a grip of the hand,
He will give you his bond, that for ever will stand,
And nothing much safer you’ll find in the land;
For that is the badge of a Yorkshireman.

He may be reserved in his manner and speech,
And hide the fine graces of which pedants preach;
But he is kind and sincere when his heart you once reach,
For that is the badge of a Yorkshireman.

In his pastimes and sports he will try all the way,
And, back to the wall, make his greatest display;
He asks not for favours, but only fair play,
For that is the badge of a Yorkshireman.

I have met him away from his own native dales,
In cities and lands where strange language prevails;
Yet a breath of his county he always exhales,
and thus you will know he’s a Yorkshireman.

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