Stones roll on

I just watched a re-run of the Stones at Glastonbury on iplayer. It was way past my bedtime when they were on the telly last night (which is worrying seeing as Jagger and Richards are ten years older than me). Jagger strutted up and down the stage like an out-of-control puppet; Richards wandered around waiting for someone to take him back to his room at the home. Wood looked a bit non-plussed by it all and seemed like was looking forward to being in his slippers enjoying a nice cup of tea. Watts reminded me of some character from Shaun of the Dead. But despite much of the audience being young enough to be their grandchildren, it took just the first two notes of ‘Satisfaction’ from the guitar of Richards to send the thousands into raptures and a shiver down my spine – just as it did when I saw them in Leeds in the early 80s. I thought at that time I could be witnessing their last major tour how wrong could I be?  Shame Bill Wyman wasn’t on stage though – maybe his zimmer broke. They lost their way a couple of times last night and at one point it seemed Richards was playing a different number to everyone else, but by gum they were entertaining. So good to see musicians out there to make people happy instead of being a mile up their own backsides.

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