Ribblesdale-by-the sea: a welcome distraction

ribblesdaleRibblesdale isn’t too far from the sea. From several lofty points in the region you can see Morecambe Bay and every so often I feel in the mood to leave the grassy limestone features of Ribblesdale for some seascapes and to breathe in some salty air. My week started on a low point when I had to have my 16-year-old cat put down. The farewell to him on the vet’s table will remain in my memory for ever. Afterwards, I set off driving and ended up in Grange-over-Sands where I’ll bet there were plenty of retired ladies called Doris but the storm of the same name had not yet arrived. Back in Ribblesdale Penyghent went through several changing moods during the week, and helicopters buzzed overhead either picking up distressed hikers or dropping off hardcore for paths. The top photo was taken from Dale Head Farm on the Silverdale road shortly before stormy weather descended.

Three shots taken in Grange-over-Sands showing the moody lighting over Morecambe Bay, and the onset of spring in the sheltered park. The park lake is home a huge variety of ducks and birds and is well worth a visit..

Locally I had a couple of short wanders around Austwick and Clapham which, despite it being half term for many schools, were remarkably quiet. Holidays might well be the only time we see children in Dales villages in the future, with under-funded councils seemingly determined to shut down small schools. Sadly, it seems life is gradually being squeezed out of many rural areas. Communities need to take control – Clapham Village Store is a good example of positive action.

Plenty of snowdrops by the falls and beside the beck in Clapham

Classic Clapham: Brokken Bridge (shame the car spoils the pic).


No takers for the swing at Flascoe clapper bridge, Austwick

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