Ribble reflections and crown of Thorns

Ribble 2Two enjoyable shortish walks by the Ribble to report on this week. The river looked fabulous as it reflected the sun while I sauntered along to Stainforth.

Ribble stackhouse
The Ribble and Stackhouse from Stainforth Scar

Then it was a trudge up Stainforth Scar to take in views up and down Ribblesdale. I’ll let the photos do the talking here as I’m out of breath…

Ribble smearclouds
Lovely clouds over Ingleborough, Smearsett Scar and Knight Stainforth
Ribble pyggap
Penyghent seen through a gap in an ancient wall on Stainforth Scar
Ribble path
One of my favourite paths near Langcliffe
Ribble rocket
Looks like a rocket taking off from Skipton – the first manned exploration probe into Lancashire?
Ribble stile
Another view towards Smearsett Scar and Ingleborough
Ribble hayfield
One day, son, all this hard work will be yours…

Making hay while the sun shone was the order of the day as I approached Langcliffe. So satisfying to see people working while I idle my time away.

Ribble langhay

Ribble langhay1

Ribble head

Later in the week in cloudier weather I snatched a short walk at the head of the Ribble. Thorns Gill looked and sounded fabulous. The crown of Thorns has to be the hidden waterfall at the Gearstones end. But the old bridge which has defied gravity for hundreds of years was also a splendid sight.

Ribble thornsfall

Ribble thorns1

Ribble thornsrock
A miniature world on a rock – a bit like planet Earth, really

The Three Peaks of Ingleborough, Whernside and Penyghent took on different moods as the clouds (and trains) passed by.

Ribble thorns2
Clouds gather over Park Fell and Ingleborough
Ribble thornstrain
Zoomed in from Thorns Gill – a goods train over Ribblehead Viaduct, helping to remove more lorries from our congested roads.




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