Get off our land, heathens


I suppose you have to admire the brass-neck mentality of Lancastrians. Over recent months they’ve banged in several of their ugly signs on roadsides staking claims on Yorkshire territory. Where once there might have been apologetic little notices showing those parts of Yorkshire which in 1974 were handed over to alternative local authorities for governmental administration purposes only, there now stand large erroneous statements telling travellers they are entering (or, preferably, leaving) Lancashire. There are some particularly annoying signs – like the one (above) on the road between Wigglesworth and Sawley Abbey – which is actually around 8 miles away from the county border. There’s an even worse one on the A682 between Long Preston and Gisburn which is so big and red it makes me grind my teeth every time I drive by the wretched monstrosity (it’s too dangerous to stop and take a picture of it). The other photo below shows the sign at Tosside, Yorkshire… ‘Thieves Beware’ indeed! When these heathens were granted permission to look after our land I didn’t expect them to misinform and defile our beloved county.


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