Can you solve my Pecca mystery?

pecca falls

One of the best things about not having only weekends and bank holidays to visit popular tourist haunts is being able to stroll around in a more leisurely fashion. (Apologies to wage-slave readers for such blatant gloating.) This photo of Pecca Twin Falls on the spectacular Ingleton waterfalls trail was taken on such a day. Often you have to queue to see this view and then quickly move on after becoming conscious of dozens of eyes piercing the back of your bobble-hat while you mess about with the camera. This was a wet Tuesday morning in June when I encountered just a handful of fellow retirees – and one well-behaved school group – all the way round the 4-mile trail. I’ve been trying to discover why the falls are called Pecca. I know Pecca is a rare surname and is also an Italian word meaning flaw or fault, but why does it appear in this part of Yorkshire? Any help appreciated.

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