A little book of Yorkshire gems


Excuse me for this blatant self publicity… my latest book, Little Book of Yorkshire Curiosities, is now on sale. It’s part of Dalesman’s successful ‘Little Book’ series and the third I’ve compiled. This one’s full of strange curiosities, myths and legends about our great county… like the one about the bloke from Selby who sold his wife for a pint of ale, and the fact that the first Yorkshire pudding recipe was written in 1737. Amaze your friends and bore the pants off non-Yorkshire folk for only £2.99… you can buy direct from www.dalesman.co.uk/shop/the-little-book-of-yorkshire-curiosities or pick up at any half-decent bookshop. ISBN 9781855683174.

‘Best book I’ve ever read. Can I have that fiver now dad?’ – William Jackson

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