Cyclists beware – gawpers about


Had a lovely day in Swaledale yesterday ending with a walk around Richmond. Tour de France cyclists were rushing dementedly through the dale like they were being chased by some unseen force. It’s one thing doing this when the roads are closed to traffic but they’re asking for trouble when plodders like me are gawping at the scenery and stopping every five minutes to take photos. Fortunately, no mishaps this time.


Narthen, behave thissen i' Yorksher


I understand that we Yorkshire folk have been instructed to be on our best behaviour and helpful towards foreign visitors when T’ Tour heads through the county. So I suggest that if you see a cyclist in trouble at the side of the road, try saying (slowly of course): “Tha’ll nooan get ser far o’ that thing lad, – tha’s baht chain. Get thissen dahn t’ ginnel to arr kid’s next to t’ chip oyle – he’ll sithee reight.” (Don’t use ‘luv’ though – that’s banned.)
Photo – grand evening light in the western dales.

At large in Yorkshire

Up to retiring from my job as editor of the Yorkshire Dalesman magazine in November 2012 I wrote a weekly blog about my travels around the great county of Yorkshire. I always took with me my trusty Canon 300D to make a photographic record of my trips and tried to include some shots  – good and poor – in the blog. Readers got in touch from all over the world to thank me for showing them what Yorkshire is like or for reminding them ‘of the old place’. I’m hoping, if we ever get any decent photographic weather, to continue with the ‘service’ from this blog so please keep coming back to see where I’ve been… and get in touch if you’d like to see somewhere specific from God’s Own Country.
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