Motivated Yorkshire folk in their seventies


Lying in bed this morning sipping my life-inducing pot of Yorkshire Tea I got to thinking about motivation. Some folk struggle to raise the briefest enthusiasm for work of any kind yet others, often into their 70s and beyond, continue forwards with drive and energy. In my head I began to list well known Yorkshire people who stride on despite many of them not needing just to bolster their bank balances. Springing to mind were artists like David Hockney and Ashley Jackson; poet Tony Harrison;  Alan Bennett; actors such as Judi Dench and Patrick Stewart; my friend and author Bill Mitchell… the list goes on. All are well over bus-pass age yet continue tirelessly to produce work at the top of their particular tree. I admire such dedication – and all those other lesser-known elderly Yorkshire men and women going about more mundane daily jobs without much recognition. Lacking such volume of enthusiasm today I laid in bed for another hour before a short walk up above Ribblesdale where a brief shaft of light illuminated Attermire Scar for this photo. I think that if I should be lucky enough to reach my 70s I’ll be content with continuing to selfishly enjoy the Yorkshire Dales.

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